Pelita Akademi provide a comprehensive range of courses and program needed for employment in the maritime field as well as to acquire the necessary skills, abilities and attitudes. We recognize that mariners come with diverse maritime experience and education as as goals.

For that, Pelita Akademi already provide various admission courses and programs which consists of the following program/accreditation bodies;

  • Marine Department Malaysia Certification
  • Technical, Vocational Education and Training
  • Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran

Manoevring Possibility

Standard Of Training, Certificate, And Watchkeeping (STCW)

Required by all seafarers who are working onboard commercial ships or Superyachts.

Explore Great Careers

Rating Courses

From watchkeeping to operations, you will learn how to ensure smooth navigation of the ship and prepare you with the knowledge and skill to understand the operations of the engine and be able to operate an unmanned engine.

Towards Safety Working Environment

Non-STCW Skill Course

Education and training which provides knowledge and skills for employment.